Monday, July 6, 2009

The Beginning

I've decided to start fresh with a new blog. I thought for a long time to come up with a name for my blog. I wanted something that sounded catchy. So I thought of "Operation Smith's" and even though our house could pass as World War III at times, Operation Smith just didn't have that special catch I wanted. Mama to 3 boys and a girl was too boring. Then that's when "Three Dudes and a Diva" came to mind. I also thought of "Three Dudes and a Drama Queen" but thought Diva fit her a little more these days. That would work if only on one else had use the URL yet. Lucky for me it was available. So there you have it.... The start of my family blog.

This is when it all started... Before the Dudes and Diva's came into the picture.

April 7th, 1990

Then a year later came Dude #1 aka Jeremy Taylor Born Apr.1, 1991. Miss Diva aka Jade McKenzie came along on Oct. 24, 1995. Then came Dude #2 aka Corey Blake on Dec 12, 1997. We were suppose to have been finished building our family after Dude #2 but God had other plans. Almost 7 yrs after Dude #2 was born, Dude #3 aka Camden Lane decided to make his appearance on Nov. 22, 2004. He officially completed our family.

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